Lance Coffman

Lance has been married to his High School sweet heart Laurie for over twenty years! Lance is the proud father of three amazing kids, Nate, Nick, and Noelle. If you know anything at all about Lance, you know that he is first and foremost a family man and that his family is his number one priority. Currently, Lance and Laurie are the Senior leaders of Innovation Church located in Stockton, CA. with another location on the way in Lodi, Ca. Innovation is a young growing church that is impacting the city, the region, and the the nations. 


Lance was bit by the entrepreneurial bug at the young age of eight. In his grade school years during recess he would buy up all of the popsicles at the school’s popsicle stand and then sell them for double the price. He quickly learned the power of supply and demand. In his Jr. High years, he retired from the popsicle industry and entered the world of candy sales. Blow Pops, Now and Laters, and Bubble Yum in particular.  Because Go Fund Me was still several decades yet from being launched he had to raise his much needed start up capital by saving all of his lunch money for several weeks. $2 over over two weeks gave him enough startup funds to open up shop. Lance made a small fortune off his sugar addicted classmates.  He continued his successful sales career into his high school years. He graduated from candy sales to pharmaceuticals but we won’t talk about that here.  Over the years, Lance has found himself in the middle of numerous business adventures.


Most recently Lance along with his family launched Inspire Coffee located in the historic downtown of Lodi Ca. Inspire Coffee has grown exponentially in its short history and has become a premiere coffee house in the area. Inspire is so much more than a coffee shop, it has become a hub for the creatives, dreamers, history makers and world changers.


Lance is also the founder and President of The Launch Company.  The Launch Company is a consulting firm that partners with people and their dreams to assure a successful launch by providing a detailed strategic plan of action. In 2016 Lance and Laurie founded and launched The Dream Summit. The Dream Summit is a yearly gathering of dreamers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, creatives and really any who gets out of bed everyday on a mission to change the world!


Lance is also an author of his soon to be released book, “Next Level”. When not speaking at Innovation, Lance travels and speaks both nationally and internationally. Lance is a contagious dreamer causing those he’s around, to dream God sized dreams and to never settle for anything less than the Fathers best.